CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy Ozzard Chism, winner of the 2014 Moravian College Haupert Humanitarian Award, for her all-volunteer work around the world! 


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From Kathy:  In 2004, I created the Bahamian Children's Trust Fund on Grand Bahama Island where I once lived - an island ravaged in 2004 by hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.


The Bahamian government was not doing much to help their own people on that island, and the only assistance the victims would receive would be largely through the kindness of others. 


Although living in California at the time, I was able to solicit contributions from all over the U.S. and the Bahamas for a grass roots relief effort.


The person who made all this happen on the ground was my dear and amazing friend Virge Cafferata of Grand Bahama, who enlisted volunteers to purchase and distribute food, diapers, clothing, bedding, building materials, etc., to three settlements on that island - the hardest hit in the entire country. 


The goods were distributed to all the people and animals that were in greatest need. 


Virge and her volunteers worked nonstop for months, all giving of their own time and money, and without them none of this work would have been possible.  Each purchase receipt was copied and recorded, and every penny donated was used for the people and animals of the island. 


It was a labor of love, it worked seamlessly, and it paved the way for my creation and realization of Dream One World. 


Below are examples of where we helped since becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in January of 2005 until my retirement from the organization in January of 2016. 

  • Adult Health Care and Assistance – Florida, Colorado, California, Illinois
  • Aiding Animal Rescue – California, The Bahamas
  • Arson Rebuilding – The Bahamas
  • Assisting Children with Batten Disease - Florida
  • Assisting Children with Facial Cancer - Peru
  • Assisting Children with Larsen's Syndrome - California, The Philippines
  • Blanket Project to Help Prevent Death and Illness from Freezing - Peru
  • Building a School and Orphanage for Children of AIDS and Death Row Inmates - Uganda
  • Dental Work for Ex-Heroin Addicts - California
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Relief - Thailand, Japan
  • Hurricane Relief - The Bahamas, Louisiana, Mississippi
  • Rejuvenating Cities - California
  • Reuniting a Birth Mother/Daughter - California and Texas
  • Vehicle Repairs - California, Massachusetts

(All-volunteer school and orphanage we built in Kasenge, Uganda.)


Through this process, a constant appeared.   In a word, HOME.


Making monthly rent/mortgage payments, or rebuilding a home destroyed, or finding a home for an animal – we have found the basic need for shelter to be an underlying stress for each situation.  The constant struggle for many to maintain a home makes it difficult for income to be used for other needs, such as health care, transportation, food, clothing, etc.


  • The earth is HOME for all of us, and we honor it.
  • Communities are “HOME bases,” and we honor them.
  • Each being on earth needs a HOME, and we honor that need.


Donations to Dream One World lessened the burden of keeping and creating a home or community for all whom we assisted... creating spaces of peace, support, serenity, and joy. 


Depending on the situation, for humans our work at times assisted with rental payments, mortgage payments, with vehicle repairs to get to and from home, rebuilding, and/or other home needs.  Our partnered work with animal rescue helped in finding homes for animals in dire need.


Our community rejuvenation "home base" projects encouraged green building, removing litter, planting community gardens, creating areas for contemplation, eliminating homelessness for both humans and animals, building schools/orphanages, and creating a community consciousness to repair and beautify our own homes and business areas.


All our work honored our earth, HOME for every-ONE.

Although retired from Dream One World now because new U.S. government regulations made it impossible for small nonprofits like mine to send funds to Africa, I still work with my wonderful "Dreamworkers" in Uganda and continue helping "my" 325 children there. 


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Thank you, and so much love, Kathy ♥♥♥





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