Children Needing Sponsors

In December of 2015, I retired from my nonprofit of nearly 12 years, Dream One World.  Due to new global financial regulations, small nonprofits like ours were no longer able to send funds to Uganda, where we were building a school and orphanage for eight years.


However, private individuals in the U.S. may still send funds through MoneyGram.  Therefore, I worked with my managers in Uganda to set up a sponsorship program, and below are "our" children who currently desperately need sponsors so they can get an education.


In a country where there are no public schools, we take orphans and children of prisoners and give them an opportunity for a free education.  This is unheard of in Uganda, and we are honored to be able to help these deserving children in this way.


Please, become a sponsor.  It only costs $20 per month, plus a wee bit for the MoneyGram service fee to send the funds... and the reward you receive is priceless. 


ALL of your $20 per month will go to help your sponsored child.  Period.  The men in charge there, Edward and Ron, I trust with my life, and love them as brothers. 


Your money is safe, and you will literally be saving lives and giving a future to those who have no hope without you.


Interested?!  Please click HERE to choose a child in need.  Please click HERE to donate.


THANK YOU!  With Love and Gratitude, Kathy ♥♥♥





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