"I used to feel like I was drowning, and couldn't get ahead... but now I feel like I am in charge!  Everything was on top of me... now I'm on top of it, thanks to Kathy's wisdom and the Bach Flowers.  I am grateful."  - Michelle C.


"A session with Kathy is an uplifting experience.  She worked with me to create a unique Bach Flower 'Emotion Potion' to meet my specific needs, and it was so helpful.  Her level of patience, knowledge, and depth of caring is extraordinary.  We spoke for several hours, and I never felt rushed for one second.  She truly takes the time with her clients to make sure she is giving their needs the proper attention so they will reap the highest benefits.  For anyone who wishes to heal themselves in a natural way and positive manner, Kathy is the ultimate guide."  - Michelle H.~


"Kathy's wisdom inspired me to lose over 80 pounds in a healthy manner.  I feel better than I have in decades, and am now off most of my medications.  I also have energy all the time now, which is amazing.  So grateful for her knowledge and friendly encouragement."  - Lou B.


"I highly recommend Kathy Ozzard Chism for anything having to do with holistic wellness.  Both my daughter and I have been receiving wellness sessions with Kathy, and we can each speak firsthand about how the simple, all-natural Bach Flower essences she uses help heal emotional states when Kathy recommends which essences you need at a certain time.  They work.  I have a high-stress life.  Kathy's advice and her Bach Flower combinations have calmed my nerves tremendously.  Kathy is deeply caring, gives wonderful healing information from her incredible knowledge during our sessions, and seems to live to help others.  Kathy is also a delight, and always puts a positive spin on whatever is happening.  I feel good whenever I am in her presence!  I love working with her.  She is a bright light in an often dark world."  - Paula C.


"Love Kathy's caring demeanor and eagerness to share her infinite knowledge!" - Lorri O.


"Kathy is so positive and wonderful, and takes the time to explain her products and how they work.  Her products are improving my life!  Thank you, Kathy!"  - Lila S.


"I have directly experienced Kathy's vast knowledge of the Bach Flower essences and their myriad benefits, and recommend her sessions highly.  Kathy is one of those rare human beings who is wise, dedicated, compassionate, highly organized, responsible, and committed to helping others.  Working with her, even by phone, is a relaxing, uplifting, and special experience."  - Tyra B.


"I haven't been able to put Kathy's book down!  'The Power of Know' is fantastic." - Jacque H.


"I found my wellness consultation with Kathy to be very insightful, and I am ready to start my new journey to getting my life back.  I encourage everyone to have a consultation with Kathy!"  - Hillary B.


"Love Kathy's energy and extensive knowledge!" - Moncia E.


"I have known Kathy since 1988.  She has the heart of an angel, and is a maven of wellness.  Her entire life has been dedicated to helping others achieve health and purpose.  I have had the good fortune of working with Kathy for several sessions of Bach Flower consultations.  Each time she was so caring about what I was experiencing, and so wise in her ability to choose the right remedy or selection of remedies for use.  Kathy is highly skilled and educated in Plant-Based Nutrition, Holistic Wellness, Bach Flowers, Massage Therapy, and has a B.A. degree in Education as well.  She is the author of two books, including the highly popular "The Power of Know," which details much of her incredible knowledge about health and healing.  Everyone should read it, and everyone should work with her.  She is amazing, and what she offers is truly important and valuable."  - Susan B.


"Kathy, you are such an inspiration! I am already finding a HUGE difference in my physical pain levels thanks to some of the dietary shifts I made that you suggested - most of the pain has gone away! I am so grateful you are in my life. You rock with your knowledge and wisdom. Sending lots of love your way, and just thought you needed to KNOW that I appreciate you and your messages!"

- Elyn R.


"Kathy, I am so grateful for all your information. You were one of the first "conscious" people I was guided to in my quest to change my life, and my journey has continued ever since. I could go on and on about the healing that has taken place in my life from Tourette's, heavy narcotics use, multiple prescription drugs, (doctor prescribed), eating gluttonously, and smoking a pack a day, along with just the pressures of growing up in a world like ours. I now KNOW the possibilities are limitless. I thank you for holding the "bar" so high for conscious eating, living, and loving! I look forward to continuing such a brilliant, promising, and rewarding path alongside people like you. - Jamison L.

"Thank you, Kathy. I am so inspired by you, as you have been guiding me along the way of my journey to be healthy and make a difference. Without your wisdom and guidance, I would not be where I am today! I love you." - Jolene R.

"Dear Kathy - You make me feel so good about myself and everything that is going on in this world. You just can't believe how good I feel now, thanks to you.  I love this new life I AM living! Your words have made it easier for me to love myself and others without any attachments. Thank you for giving me hope and healing. Thank you for caring and sharing your wisdom. My life is bearable and healthier again, and you have shown me ways to live that I never dreamed were even remotely possible for me. You are an example for me and the entire world.  I have so much love and gratitude for you..." - Beckie S.


"I realize now how dehydrated I was.  By following Kathy's advice and drinking more pure water I have less bloating, no more eye strain and dry eyes, and my skin has improved dramatically.  Without any other changes, just drinking more water for two months, I have lost weight - the first time ever during the holidays!  I am not craving baked goods any longer, which is amazing.  Doing Kathy's program has changed many other things, too.  I am far more conscious and thoughtful about my health habits, and I have more energy, am more limber, am able to walk more, and even my outlook is more open! Thank you, Kathy, for introducing me to a more positive cycle in my life."  - Laurie P.


"I am always pleased with everything I buy from Kathy, and my consultation with her was truly life-changing."  - Sharon M.


"Kathy is a light in the world." - Kathleen S.







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