The following is a beautiful example of the power and grace of the Bach Flower™ essences...


"I have been using Kathy's Bach Flower™ 'Emotion Potion' she made for me.  I came to see her in great emotional pain regarding the death of a loved one, extended illness, financial issues, and life stress.  I felt I was falling to pieces...


After taking her remedy for only two weeks, it was unbelievable to me how different I felt.  I have 'myself' back again.  My emotions still take occasional downturns, but not as far down, and I am able to bring myself out of them.


I have also had occasional feelings of 'peace and bliss' regarding my life since taking the remedy... and the circumstances of my life are the same.  I am very impressed, because in the past I have tried many other things to improve my emotional well-being.


Antidepressants don't work for me - they make me ill.  I have also followed different food/nutritional eating programs designed to assist emotional well-being.  I meditate daily.  I listen to sound healing music.  I have a consistent gratitude practice.  I have had many different types of therapy.  I read self-help books and spiritual books.  I have listened to Eckhart Tolle CD lectures in my car for years.  Also, by education, I am a biofeedback therapist.  I taught mind/body techniques for stress.


However, recently life hit me very hard with multiple issues.  I felt overwhelmed by life, and also by my constant negative emotions that kept pulling me under, preventing me from functioning in a productive way.  I didn't feel able to pull myself out... even with all my learned techniques and diet program.


Kathy's personalized "Emotion Potion" has not just given me a 'leg up'... the essences work in such a gentle, yet powerful way to rebalance on ALL levels. Nothing I am aware of could have helped me so much, and in such a short amount of time.


The loss of my loved one is still a huge aspect of my life, but since using the remedy, I now am able to have both perspective and more acceptance.  I went from constantly feeling deep emotional pain to feeling occasional 'twinges' about the loss... at times it still hurts, but the hurt is manageable and I am able to pull out of it.  It is also much easier to cry when I need to, because the emotions are not so traumatic and overwhelming for me.


If I had gone to a doctor, I feel sure the only thing he or she would have done would have been to prescribe anti-depressant drugs with side effects... not to mention the expense of the medications, and perhaps being on them for 'life.'


To have these Flower Remedies so gently and powerfully rebalance my body/mind/spirit/emotions so quickly has been a Godsend to me... literally.  The day I met Kathy, I had prayed that morning for God to please send me 'help.'


I am so grateful to have found Kathy and these healing flower essences for stress.  I am not sure how I would have survived without them."


 ♥ C. D. - Santa Rosa, CA

... and a few more:


"Just two days and I am already feeling a difference!!!  The word that describes how I am feeling is... 'centered.'  It feels like my mind and body are becoming more integrated.  Another word that could describe this is 'solid.'  I feel more 'together.'  It truly feels like I am standing on more solid ground.  I am no longer feeling the insecurity of our situation.  Instead I am feeling more accepting of where we are and why we are here... and it feels OK.  Woweeeeeeeeeee!!! You and the Bach Flowers ROCK, Kathy!  Thank you SO much for helping my state of mind.  This is way cool stuff!"

♥ N.B. - Virginia


"Thank you, Kathy!  I was skeptical of the Bach Flowers at first... and didn't feel anything initially. Yet now I am happier, and have a different (good) kind of energy.  I feel more confident about decisions, and have much more positivity in my life.  Hoping for more changes. I still cry for my broken heart, but it is not a sorry kind of crying -  just a necessary release.  You are the best!"

♥ A.O. - Colorado


"I feel amazing.  I feel lighter, and noticed a shift soon after I started taking Kathy's potion.  I feel I am now better able to cope with my work, my relationship, my life.  I am recommending Kathy's Bach Flower Emotion Potions to other friends and family, as it feels like everyone can benefit from her work."

♥ T.A. - Florida


"I had a panic-free day today and am feeling mentally stronger. I know your Emotion Potion will continue to bring healing and improve the quality of my everyday life. It was amazing to me that I didn't feel tired or sleepy at any point in the journey home, which was quite long.  I was totally energized.  Thank you again, Kathy, for everything."

♥ W.M. - New York


"I used to feel like my life was on top of me.  Now, using the customized Emotion Potions Kathy creates for me, I feel like I am on top of it.  Amazing."

♥ M.C. - Texas


"Happy, healthy, whole, holy, and finding the I AM that I AM. Thanks for helping me onto the correct path.  I can't even imagine why I would have wanted to be in that place of pain and stay there.  As you said, Kathy, it was part of my journey, and I'm now glad to have had it. Again, my utmost gratitude for the Bach Flower blend, and your help, patience, love, and guidance."

♥ B.S. - California

"The Bach Flower blend is amazing. I've felt calmer and more focused, with more energy than I have had in years... thank you.  I was able to get a lot of work done yesterday since I wasn't daydreaming and living in my head.  I felt different - a good different.  Thanks again!"

♥ K.E. - Georgia


"Things are FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you so much for the potion!  Wonderful things are happening.  Yesterday I was open and honest with my husband, and said things yo him like I never have before.  It felt good to speak my truths, and have them be heard.  I am also motivated to get healthier, and just ordered the juicer you recommended.  Thank you, Kathy!"

♥ T.L. - Alaska


"Have just started to get down with Bach... I put my drops in a favorite shot glass, fill it with the excellent water we get from the snow melt, and throw it Bach! (back :)  After several "shots" I am already feeling better!  A great bridge for the New Year.  Thank you, Kathy!"

♥ D.K. - Washington


"Kathy, I have taken your potion only four times so far and I already feel better.  I'm serious.  I love the potion.  I am more mellow, much of my anger is gone, and I have patience.  For the FIRST time I was at work with my difficult boss and felt, well, peaceful.  I'm sold... you've saved my life."

♥ T.W. - Massachussetts





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