Dramatically change the quality of your life for the better through a holistic wellness consultation with Kathy Ozzard Chism!

  • Do you feel bombarded with all the info "out there" about health and natural healing, and don't know what to believe?
  • Are you feeling stressed - some, most, or all of the time?
  • Are you overweight, or unhappy with the way you look and feel?
  • Do you suffer from depression and/or self-worth issues?
  • Do you suffer from any chronic disease or pain?
  • Are you on any medications you would prefer not to take, if possible?
  • Are you in a relationship or job that does not support your highest good?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you may greatly benefit from this wellness consulation!


The in-depth custom phone session helps guide you to create optimal health in body, mind, and spirit by:

  • investigating root causes for current diseases or illnesses and suggesting easy, natural cures
  • dealing with current stresses in a thorough and all-natural manner
  • working with nutrition for healing and preventing disease in ways different from the status quo
  • giving you easy tools and techniques for enjoying life at a higher level
  • providing information for natural, easy weight-loss and maintaining a weight you love
  • suggesting natural ways to bring courage, strength, and acceptance to life situations
  • helping to bring peace to the past, joy to the present, and excitement about the future

Click HERE to order this easy-to-read holistic wellness guidebook by Kathy - holistic wellness educator, author, and certificate holder in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.  Kathy also has an extensive background in anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, and physiology, having been a National Certification course instructor in therapeutic massage for 19 years in Florida, California, and Texas.




30 MInute In-Depth Holistic Wellness Consultation:  $55

60 Minute In-Depth Holistic Wellness Consultation: $95

90 Minute In-Depth Holistic Wellness Consultation:  $145




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"Health is our heritage, our right.  It is the complete and full union between soul, mind, and body.  This is not a difficult, far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it."

                   ~ Dr. Edward Bach, 1933

Dr. Edward Bach, M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H. was a physician and homeopath, who spent his life searching for the purest methods of healing.

He believed, as many doctors do today, that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovery from illness.  When he died in 1936 he had developed a complete system of 38 flower essences - each prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees, or bushes.  They work by treating the individual rather than the disease or its symptoms.

Today, these safe, gentle essences are used worldwide by private individuals, medical and complementary health practitioners, psychotherapists, counselors, dentists, and even veterinarians.

The purpose of the essences is to support the patient's fight against illness by addressing the emotional factors like depression, anxiety, and trauma that are thought to impede physical healing.  They may also be used preventively, at times of anxiety and stress, and are very helpful for the many people who feel generally tired and unwell without a specific medical diagnosis.


The essences may be taken on their own or in conjunction with medical or other treatments.  They will not conflict with any medication.  The essences are completely safe, have no unwanted side effects, and are non-addictive.  They are gentle in action and can safely be taken by people of all ages - from newborn babies to the elderly.  They are also beneficial for animals and plants.


As the essences do contain a percentage of alcohol as a preservative, those in recovery from addiction may still use them by simply spraying them around one's head.  Kathy will advise how to make the easy mixture with water, how many drops or sprays to use, and how often.


It is important to note that the essences are not a substitute for medical treatments.  Should symptoms persist, you are advised to consult your medical practitioner.


Dr. Bach discovered 38 essences, each for a specific emotional and mental state, plus a combination of five of the essences designed for difficult and demanding situations, called Rescue Remedy.


37 of the 38 essences are based on single wild flowers and tree blossoms.  The exception, Rock Water, is made from the water of a natural spring with healing properties.



These flower essences, like other forms of natural medicine, take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or the symptoms of the disease.  They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned.  Thus two people with the same complaint, i.e. arthritis, may benefit from quite different essences.  One may be resigned to the illness, while the other may be impatient with it, so different essences will be appropriate in each case.


The effect of taking the essences is not to suppress negative attitudes, but to transform them into positive ones, stimulating one's own potential for self-healing and freeing the physical system to engage fully in fighting disease and stress.


People do not have to be physically ill to benefit from the essences.  Many of us go through times of difficulty and fatigue when negativity creeps in - at these times the essences are invaluable in restoring the balance before physical symptoms appear.


No more than any medicines.  The essences are very effective with both animals and babies, as well as in helping skeptical people who try them as a last resort.  Plants also benefit from the essences.  Gardeners find that giving Rescue Remedy on re-potting, for example, helps the plants to flourish after being moved.


Dr. Bach divided the 38 essences into seven groups, representing fundamental conflicts which prevent us from being true to ourselves.

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Despondency or despair
  • Over-care for the welfare of others

Within each group, the essences each cover a specific nature of the difficulty concerned.  Just as Dr. Bach identified the seven areas of conflict which interfere with our health, so he defined the stages in the healing of disease:

  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Faith
  • Certainty
  • Wisdom
  • Love

It is possible that more than one essence may be suitable for your situation and issues - if so, up to six or seven essences may be combined.







The descriptions of the states for which the essences are recommended are not always flattering, and it may be hard to recognize yourself in them.  These are descriptions of extreme negative states. 


The "Positive Potential" of each essence will help you to appreciate the balance.


As it is not always easy to see ourselves, it is wise to seek the assistance of a Bach Flower Practitioner to objectively guide you to the correct combination of essences necessary to bring you back into balance.


Kathy Ozzard Chism has been a Level I Bach Flower Essence Practitioner since 1998.  She has worked in choosing essences for what she calls her "Emotion Potions" with individuals from all ages and walks of life.  Men, women, children, CEOs, students... even a priest.


If you would like to schedule a phone session for Kathy to help you create a customized "Emotion Potion," please email her at kathy@kathychism.com.  For pricing, click HERE.


We all have times in our lives where we need a little extra help to feel balanced and whole.  As Alicia Sirkin, author of "The Bach Flower Essence Quick Reference Guide," states: 


"Shift negative states of mind to positive ones, safely and without side effects. The result:  less stress, more joy, and a greater sense of well-being... the essences speak to the core of who we are, uplifting our spirits whenever we turn to them for help."

Much of the above information was gleaned from the

Dr. Edward Bach Centre's book

"The 38 Bach Flower Essences -

An Introduction and Guide to the Flower Essences"


Bach Flower Essences are never indicated for physical symptoms. 

Always consult your physician or licensed health care provider

for physical or psychological illness.


"Health depends on being in harmony

with our souls."


 - Dr. Edward Bach





Holistic Wellness Educator,


Nature and Wildlife Photographer,

Bach Flower™ Therapist,



Uganda School Founder




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