Hi, I'm Sunday, named for the day I was rescued.


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Love and puppy kisses, Sunday ♥♥♥



"Give yourself a gift of this paws-itively inspired tale/tail. You need not be a dog lover to have this sweet and loving tearjerker warm your heart. This brave and resilient rescue pup’s journey is intertwined with the life of his beloved humans and balances the joys of life with the bittersweet. When you finish this book, it will leave you asking God to grant Sunday and his Forever Mom many more happy and loving years together."  S.M. - New Jersey


"I absolutely LOVE this book!  It melted my heart! Sunday, words cannot express the glowing warmth and love you've expressed in your beautiful writing.  I felt it all.  It brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the wonderful magic and committed, unquestioned, devoted, comforting love our rescues bring to our lives.  Thank you."  A.W. - California


"I LOVED this book. I began reading and couldn’t put it down until I finished. As someone who has adopted rescue dogs and now fosters to save more, Sunday’s story tugged at my heartstrings. I loved reading the story through his point of view; his history and how the huge events that occurred in his Mom’s life impacted him. It’s so very honest and raw in the hopeful, loving view that only a dog has. I highly recommend Sunday’s sweet story."  C.O. - New York


"Sunday's sweet tome will bring you through all your feels and most assuredly bring you hope and strength to see beyond your troubles. I will be buying dozens of Sunday's books for family and friends."  N.P. - New York


"The cover of "The Story of My Life" has a picture of the "author," Sunday, a cute, shaggy haired rescue pup. When you dive in, the reality of the life of an abandoned dog has one holding ones' breath, crying, or exhaling in relief. Although only a little over 100 pages, it is a powerful account that will move the reader deeply."  A.L. - Florida


"The Story of My Life is so precious, touching and filled with heart. Thank you both for contributing to LOVE and Consciousness in the world."  M.M. - Oregon


"This is such a beautifully written book! It made me tear up! A story of hope, love, and new beginnings."  B.C. - New York


"A wonderful book filled with love and inspiration. I couldn’t put it down and left me wanting to know more about the characters."  C.M. - Pennsylvania


"Little Sunday has an incredible life filled with courage and remarkable twists along the way as he journeys with the woman who rescues him. This is a story filled with love, hope... and the lesson that one never should lose sight of how good things can be on the other side of adversity."  D.J. - North Carolina


"The story of sweet Sunday kept me intrigued and interested from the very first chapter. I loved reading about his journey and rescue with his mom Kathy. I couldn’t put the book down once I started! I felt all the emotions of sadness, joy, and love along his journey. Thank you, Sunday, for sharing your life so far with all of us, and for using your writing to help rescue other animals."  M.J. - California


"Extremely inspirational! Absolutely beautiful read that will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. I'm buying many to pass along to inspire, educate and save others!"  M.R. - New York


"Delightful read. I love how the little rescue dog rescues his owner. A must read for every dog lover and anyone who saves and cares for any animal in need."  A.L. - Texas






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