My name is Kathy Ozzard Chism - B.A., LMT, NCTMB...


This website is filled with LOVE, and full of information to help YOU:

  • know who you really are
  • simplify your life
  • give you the power and permission to say "NO" when needed
  • use all-natural ways to heal mind, body, and spirit
  • help you clear, stage, and sell a home or business
  • live fully with health, balance, love, joy, ease, peace, abundance, freedom, serenity, prosperity, and grace...

No matter where you are, we can work together by phone to improve and help heal your life.  You will also undoubtedly find something on this website to create positive change and improve your outlook, your health, your peace of mind, your living space, your ability to manifest your dreams, your view of the world... YOU! 


Please scroll down and click on whatever speaks to your heart.  Thanks for connecting!  With Love, Peace, Health, and Gratitude, Kathy ♥♥♥

Bach Flower™ Therapy helps to heal virtually any negative emotional state - easily, naturally, with no side effects or interactions with medications.  Schedule a personal three hour, in-depth holistic wellness, therapeutic healing, and nutrition consultation with Kathy today. Change your life for the better!

Kathy is pleased to be a featured artist /photorapher on Fine Art America - click HERE to view and purchase her photographs on a wide variety of items for your home and lifestyle!

Kathy's second book, "The Power of Know - 30 Days of All-Natural Ways to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit" is available in print, audio, and Kindle!  Click HERE to purchase.  Change your life for the better in all-natural, non-toxic, non-addictive ways.  To Your Health!


(NOTE:  Bulk pricing for these books also available - please contact Kathy at 1-828-627-6375 for details!)

Available on Amazon.com, Kathy's book "Garage Sale Success Secrets - The Definitive Step-By-Step Guide to Turn Your Trash Into CA$H!" teaches easy steps for creating and making the most money from your event, and how clearing your space helps clear your life!


(NOTE:  Bulk pricing for these books also available - please contact Kathy at 1-828-627-6375 for details!)

Home or Business Staging and Photography

for Advertising and Sales! 

Have Kathy help you clear, stage, and photograph your spaces

to bring new energy to your sales!

Click HERE for more information.

Call 1-828-627-6375 to schedule.

By invitation only to female clients and friends, Kathy offers REJUVENATION RETREATS at her home in the beautiful, peaceful Smoky Mountains.  Learn customized in-depth holistic wellness techniques to reduce stress, get healthy, lose weight, etc. - all while eating healthy, organic food, sleeping in pure quiet, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful Nature on earth.  Please contact Kathy at 1-828-627-6375 for more information.

(A few minutes up the street from Kathy's home.)

Uganda Dream School - An all-volunteer Pre-K through 6th grade nursery and primary school for 325 AIDS orphans and children of prisoners Kathy co-founded in Uganda's Kasenge area. There are no public schools in Uganda, so children lose everything when orphaned or a parent goes to prison.  Our school is free to them. To learn more, please click HERE.


Press  To read inspirational articles about Kathy, her former Soul Soothings wellness boutique, and holistic health articles written by her, please click HERE

"Transformation Goddess" painting by Susan Baker

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