All good "Sourceresses" love having people, services, and places to recommend to others for help.  I am no exception - I truly LOVE being a Sourceress!


Below are some of my favorite links from having fine tuned my resources over many years. 


This page is organic, and will shift and change.  Whenever you need a great resource for health, abundance, and spiritual guidance for you, your family, your pets, your business, etc., be sure to stop here as you cruise the Internet - you never know what you might find! 


(Note: The links on this page are for everyone, as the services listed may be accessed not only in person, but also by phone or the Internet.)


In Health, With Love, Kathy

100% Pure Cosmetics

Pure and Organic Bath, Body, and Skincare

Aging Outrageously Well (Book)

Judi Gentry's Guidance to Aging With Gusto

Alicia Sirkin

The Sirkin Creative Living Center


Trance Channel for Your Guides

Bare Minerals Cosmetics from Bare Escentuals

Organic - use only the Bare Minerals cosmetics at site


Pure Touch Organic Massage Gel


Blooming Humans

Planting Your Dream Seeds into a Global Garden

Breville Elite Juicer

Juicer featured in the film "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"

View Juicer HERE

Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Coach

"The Wealthy Spirit" AND "From Zero to Zillionaire"

Confident Vision Living

An Awesome Resource For Living Your Best Life

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements (Books) (for Amazon)


EMF Protection Products

Earth-Spirit - Reiki Healing Arts

Long Distance Reiki Healing by Shana Dean

Contact Shana at

Educating Hands School of Massage

World Renowned Massage Training

Essentia Water

9.5 pH Balanced Water w/Electrolytes in BPA-Free Recyclable Bottles

Feed This!

Organic Healthy Raw Food Diet & Treats for Your Pet

Go Gratitude Experiment

Change Your Life - Gratitude is The Master Key

Greenwave Filters

Dirty Electricity Filters for Home or Work

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

Community for Individual and Collective Transformation

Jim Reese

The ReeSet Wellness System

Life Factory

The Healthy Alternative to Plastic and Metal Bottles

Marina James-Galvin

Animal Reiki

Marla Steele

Animal Communicator

Meditate, Be Happy

Happiness and Health Through Meditation

Micro Essential Laboratory

pH Testing Strips for Body Acidity/Alkalinity

Nancy, Medical Intuit

Energy Healer for Humans and Pets

Nava Natural

Skin Care With Love From the Sea of Life

Notes From the Universe

Frequent Reminders That You Are Loved

One Minute Shift

A Minute of Higher Awareness to Shift Your Life

One Moment Meditation

"How To Meditate In A Moment"

For the video, click HERE.

Ringing Cedars Book Series

Ancient Wisdom and Keys to Who We Really Are

"Sacred Commerce" (Book)

Bringing Awakening to the Workplace (for Amazon)

Saladmaster Cookware

Healthy, Non-Leaching, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly


Natural Eco-Friendly Home Daylighting Systems

Stetzerizer Microsurge Meters

Measure Dirty Electricity in Your Home or Work

"Story of Stuff"

A Video Look at Our Consumption Patterns

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

Remarkable Talks by Remarkable People

The Hidden Messages in Water (Book)

How Molecules of Water Are Affected By Our Thoughts, Words, and Feelings (for Amazon)


Healthy Foods and Supplements at GREAT Discounts

Womansong (Book)

Bringing Inner Harmony to Light

Women To Women

Women Doctors Changing Women's Health...Naturally

World Puja Network

The Global Leader in Empowerment Radio

WE are ONE, as we help each other from a place of integrity,

and create a NEW REALITY for ourselves and our world.





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