In 1989, I had cervical cancer.  Ever since I have researched natural ways to prevent and/or treat cancer, compiling a list of easy, yet powerful, ways that work well.  Along with cancer, the following items are important for the healing and prevention of ANY illness.




First, be sure to read the previous page, "Know Knows."  Then, in no particular order, here is a list of 11 more suggestions from me, including the diet that saved my life... and thousands of other lives in the past 30+ years.


This information has been gleaned from a variety of sources and in no way is meant to replace what a patient is being told by his/her doctor – merely suggestions to aid in the healing process and as possible preventative measures as well.  If under a doctor's care, please check first with him/her for guidance for all suggestions made here.  However, please know these suggestions have worked time and time again for clients in reversing and often completely eliminating disease.


1.  Have ____ remove absolutely ALL sugar from his/her diet.  That includes fruit, sucrose, dextrose, honey, agave, corn syrup, any of those nasty sugar substitues, etc.  It means he/she needs to read every single label, and ask questions when he/she goes out for food. Cancer feeds on sugar.  Certain carbs turn to sugar as well.  


2.  Scroll down to the end of this page to see the two mandatory diet pages from my incredible naturopath Jim Reese, who has healed literally thousands in his 30+ year career.  This will guide ____ to exactly what he/she should be eating right now.  This diet is very powerful, and critical for people with cancer or any other illness.  Keeping an alkaline diet vs. an acidic diet like this is actually the right way to go for everyone.  This diet, although difficult at first, saved my life.  Try to eliminate all meat, dairy, and animal products forever.  Look for the word "casein" in anything you buy, like substitute cheeses.  Do not buy it if that ingredient, (or any oils), is in it.  For optimal health, be sure all vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc., you eat in life are 100% organic.   The best money you will ever spend in your life is on the quality and type of food you buy for you and your family.


3.  Creative Visualization for _____ and all family and friends to use is perhaps the most important key for healing, and should be used often throughout each day.  All statements must be made in the present tense, without any negative words that the body hears.  (For example, he/she does not say "I no longer have cancer," because the body still hears the word “cancer” and creates it.  He/she also does not say things like “I am going to get better,” because that always puts it in the future.  Present tense is critical.)  ____ and all his/her family and friends need to do this as much as possible.  Stop saying the word cancer at all!!!


* I am 100% healthy now.  (Friends say “____ is 100% healthy now.”)

* All my cells are good cells and work perfectly.

* I enjoy great energy at all times.

* My body, mind, and spirit are all perfectly healthy.

(Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain is a great book to read for more info on how to use this.)  I have seen many “miracles” happen by using this technique, with friends, clients, family, and even myself. 


4.  Take Super Blue-Green Algae.  I feel the ones from New Earth are the best.  If you do not know a distributor of this product, I can put you in touch with one. Check with your doctor to be sure it is OK for you to take.  I have never known any doctor to say no, and it is truly excellent for helping to cleanse the body of toxins and assiting healthy cells fight not-so-healthy cells.


5.  Removing the heavy metals from our bodies is super important, too.  Waiora makes a phenomenal product from Zeolite called "Natural Cellular Defense" (NCD2, not NCD, as I prefer the glass bottles over the plastic ones, which are the same price.)  Zeolite comes from volcanoes and is actually a magnet molecule that attracts and removes the heavy metals from your body, as long as you drink lots of water with the drops.  If you want more info on this please click here. Please contact me to order it, though, as I can get it for you at a better price than retail.  ( Again, check with your doctor before taking any supplements.


6.  DON’T use cast iron or Teflon types of cookware for anything he/she or you eat.  Cookware of ALL kinds, even the high-end expensive brands,  is one of the most prevalent sources of toxins and heavy metals in our bodies, and is harmful beyond words.  Most of our cookware in America isn't even legal in Europe, Japan, and now even parts of China, due to the health risks. They leach metals that are not soluble for humans and are actually very dangerous - metals like cadmium, nickel, non-soluble iron, and aluminum.  


The only truly safe cookware sold in America today is by "Saladmaster," which is constructed of titanium and surgical grade stainless steel, (the only grade allowed in the human body for joint replacements), as it does not leach metals.  Beware of any Saladmaster products you find for sale on the Internet like eBay or Craigslist, as most are knock-offs and just as dangerous. Saladmaster is the only cookware recommended by The Cancer Project:  (Check out that link for lots of other good info, too.) 


I was always showing heavy metals in my body when tested by my naturopath until I started using Saladmaster cookware. Now, when I  use it exclusively, I show no traces of heavy metals when tested. When I eat in restaurants or other places where I know Saladmaster cookware is not being used, I still take some Zeolite (to help remove the metals.


Beware of the cast iron myth about it being good for you - in reality, the iron from cast iron is not soluble for humans, and the “curing” is actually a wasteland of bacteria and rancid oils.  Teflon and non-stick pans are so bad that the fumes produced from them when heated to certain temperatures can actually kill pet birds.  Even glass cookware has to be tempered with boron and aluminum, and as it is porous, when heated those leach into your food.  If you would like more information about Saladmaster, visit  If you would like to buy some new pans, please contact me for the best pricing. Oh, and stop using aluminum foil, too.


7.  With a doctor’s permission, have ____ start to receive massages from a Nationally Certified massage therapist.  The nurturing, safe touch, and deep relaxation not only helps his/her stress, (no matter how strong is he/she on the outside, this stress is affecting his/her body negatively), it also helps the good cells fight the bad cells.  You may find a qualified therapist in your area from the American Massage Therapy Association at   Be sure whomever is chosen only uses Biotone "Organic Pure Touch” or a very similar massage oil, though, as other oils may be harmful.  For a detailed list of massage benefits, please see my chapter titled "Healing Touch" in my "The Power of Know" book, available in print, audio, and Kindle HERE.


8.  Get "Bach Flower Rescue Remedy" spray bottles for everyone in ____’s family, including ____.  2-4 sprays, 4 times a day, particularly first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.  These are non-toxic, non-addictive essences taken orally that do not interact with medications, and are for the emotions.  Rescue Remedy is specific for trauma, grief, sadness, and STRESS.  Again, no matter how strong anyone appears on the outside, this is an important remedy to be taking for coping with all of this. NOTE:  For anyone in recovery, you may spray the essence around you and it will work just as well.  Please read more about Bach Flowers on the pages at left of this website.


9.  Be sure to watch these movies for mind, body, and spirit: 

"Forks Over Knives

"Hungry For Change"

"Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"

"The Living Matrix"

"Food Matters"

"Rethinking Cancer"

"Supersize Me

"Simply Raw

"May I Be Frank"

"What the Bleep Do We Know?"

"I AM"


These two pieces that aired on CNN are also important to watch:

 "The Last Heart Attack"

"Is Your Cell Phone Safe?"


10.  I also recommend telling EVERYONE you know about what is going on, via Facebook, email, etc., and asking them to think good thoughts for ____.  Get a huge prayer/love/positive juju group going over the Internet.  This is the one time you get to still mention the word “cancer,” but only in the explanation. Tell everyone the same thing about creative visualization and to see ____ as completely healthy.  (Again, don’t use the words “cancer free” as that still manifests cancer.)  I have had remarkable things happen for clients, friends, family, and even one of my dogs this way.

11.  Below is the life-saving diet (I prefer to call it a "live-it!") my Naturopath Jim Reese put me on, as he has for every single person he has seen and helped in the last 30+ years - literally thousands.  Jim is a brilliant and accomplished Acupuncturist, Homeopath, Herbalist, Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Dark Field & Bright Microscopist, Developer of the ReeSet Wellness System, Researcher, Educator, Lecturer, and Teacher. 


There are long, very involved, scientific reasons for each item listed from his research and work.  One may also need additional supplements, according to one's health issues.


_____ may go through a  "toxic cleanse" when he/she starts on it.  That actually is a good thing, as that has to happen to get to optimal health.  Ideally one should not take any pharmaceuticals for it if this occurs, as that inhibits the healing process.  (I have not even taken an aspirin since 2009!  :)


Once _______ is healthier, other items may be added to his or her diet, ("Live-it!"), but until then, this program is critical. 


To work with Jim, even long-distance, please contact me for further information.




1.  Do not eat anything that is packaged in a can,     cardboard, or is packaged on an assembly line.  The only packaged items to eat will be on the “DO EAT” list.

2.    Do not eat any animal products - no meat, cheese, eggs, or  dairy.

3.   Do not eat anything that is sweet to your taste buds or mouth, including fruits or anything with sugars. (This includes sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, agave syrup, honey, dextrose, etc.)

4.  Do not drink anything other than non-tap water and the optional green drink, made up of Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery, and Zucchini or any Yellow Squash.

5.  Do not use condiments in any form.  (Vinegar, black pepper, mustard, ketchup, relish, etc.)

6.    Do not eat a product that is cooked in oil or oil added to it during the cooking process.

7. Do not eat deadly nightshade foods, such as white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers.

 8.  Do not use alcohol in any form.

 9.  Do not use coffee or black teas.

10. Do not eat beans or legumes unless they are sprouted  for salads.

11.  Do not eat yams or sweet potatoes – only red potatoes.

12. Do not eat any miso, Bragg’s aminos, or raw      sauerkrauts.

13. Do not eat any seaweeds.

14. Do not eat mushrooms.

15. Do not eat any yeasts.

16. Do not eat rice, even organic rice, due to the high levels of arsenic now found in it.

17. Do not use dried herbs – only fresh, and only for  seasoning.

18. Use only minimal salt added to food, not to exceed about a half-teaspoon level daily.  Only use sea salt or celtic salt.  Beware of salt in any purchased foods.

19. Don’t eat out while healing.

20. Don’t do spas, hot tubs, or swimming pools unless they are salt water. 

21. Do not receive massage unless the therapist uses 100% pure organic massage oil. 

22. Exercise should be only walking, Yoga, Tai Qi, or Qi Gong for now.

23. If the food wasn’t around 100 years ago, don’t eat it.




1. Eat any vegetable EXCEPT from the nightshade family.  (No tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, or white potatoes.) Go easy on foods like Kale, Spinach, and Chards as they are difficult for the liver and kidneys.  Use those only one time per week.

2.  Juicing should only be the green drink of organic Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery, and Zucchini or any Yellow Squash.

3.    Nuts are only to be Raw Organic Almonds, and be sure to soak them for one hour in pure water and then rinse them off before eating.  Do not store these once soaked.  Only use the amount you will eat daily, which should be 8-10 almonds.

4. Grains are only to be Millet, Quinoa, and Amaranth.

5.  Fats and Oils can be 100% Organic Virgin Olive Oil,  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, or Organic Flax Oil.  Don’t exceed the amount of three tablespoons daily (one per meal), and NEVER heated.

6. Only real organic stevia leaves or "Nu-Stevia" may be used for an alternative sweetener, but limit the latter to one or two packets daily maximum.

7. Water for drinking should be Essentia Water, Whole Foods Brand 365 Spring Water, or a home reverse osmosis filter system.

8.  Teas may be Chamomile, Mint, and Red Clover.

9. Make your own salad dressing with water, fresh organic herbs, allowed oil, quarter of a lemon, and some blended up vegetables of choice with some organic yogurt or Kefir to your own taste.

10. Your plate when you look at is should be 75% veggies, and the other foods (grains and proteins) should be in 4 oz. amounts only.


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