For whatever reason, every so often the Universe downloads a phrase or idea through me that feels like it needs to be passed on to others. 

As they continue to show up, I will share them here!  ~Kathy~


"Simplify to simply fly."


"Fly your F.L.A.G. of Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance, and Gratitude for Yourself, All Others (no exceptions), and What Is at all times... this is the light that changes the world."


" 'Heartpull' - that instant where you are drawn to a person, place, or subject matter.  Follow your heartpulls - they lead to the most wonderful situations and relationships!"


"Be grateful, not hateful."


"You give more of yourself when you have more of your SELF to give."


"What looks like rejection is often protection."


"BREATHE through it all, and you will BREEZE through it all!"


"Words can be SWORDS - remove the serpent-tongued 'S' at front and back, and you simply have WORD - and the word is LOVE."


"YOU are perfect.  Pass it on."


"Shift happens... love it all."


"BREATHE.  Fill your lungs and heart with the life force.  BREATHE."


"Loving others gets way easier when you love yourself first."


"Create a space for LOVE in everything you do."


"We are all ONE... so imagine if we said 'I LOVE YOU' to everyone!" 


"Take dog lessons:  Love unconditionally, forgive instantly, and wag your tail when you are happy."


"Let go of your story, and just BE."


"Judgment is a waste of time and energy."


"Love everyone... and if someone doesn't feel like they are in your space for the highest good, bless them and send them on their way."


"Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected.  When one suffers, they all suffer.  The master key is to keep all three healthy and joyful... naturally."


"Say thank you daily to the sun, sky, stars, earth, air, water... and to Mother Nature, who nourishes us all."


"Peace is not a concept.  It is a reality just waiting to be brought forth from everyone's heart."


"Gut feelings are gifts.  Pay attention to them."


"Find a balance between giving and receiving.  Be sure to do both.  Often."


"Live these four words every day: 'I AM MY WORD.' "


"You were once a child.  That child lives inside you, longing to play.  Let her/him."


"Look into your eyes in a mirror and say 'I LOVE YOU.'  Really.  Do it often."


"Speak your truth always and in all ways."


"Eat light, be light."


"Imagine peace.  It starts with YOU, coming from kindness 24/7."


"Gratitude opens the space of love for even more opportunities to know bliss."

...and one from my beloved sister-in-love, Stacey Robyn:


"YOU are wonderful.  WE are all ONE. 

Together WE are ONE-der-FULL."





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