WE, the silent majority who come from love and kindness, are usually pacifists, not activists. 

Yet WE can follow in the tradition of such sages as Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, John Lennon, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as we peacefully gather and calmly speak our truths and needs.


In the United States we have recently seen a relatively small group of people create a political party that has won elections and entered representatives in Presidential primaries. 


It is time for our voices to be heard as well.


Please visit our "Declaration of Interdependence" page for a list of tenets we ascribe to for guidance as WE move forward.  How we choose our words matters.  The symbol of our logo matters.  The way we behave at rallies and debates matters.


This is not just another political party.  This is a new consciousness, a new wisdom, a new teaching, a new way.


Thank you for bringing YOUR light to this movement that will change the world.  It is with great JOY that I welcome you here!


As a baby boomer, I grew up in the time of Woodstock, Kent State, and Vietnam War protests... all with Crosby, Stills, and Nash along with so many others playing the background music to our lives. 


WE were convinced we could change the world through LOVE, and we did all we could to make that happen.


Where are those baby boomer voices today?  Along with the youth already aligned to our hearts, IT IS TIME to resurrect the energy, the passion, the dream of a peaceful, loving America and world from that time to NOW.


WE want PEACE.  Period.  For ALL.  No exceptions.


Yet one cannot have peace without first having love.  As I played with names for this new political party, nothing seemed to fit except the obvious: The Love and Peace Party, with LOVE coming first.   It really is that simple. 


I dream of a NEW America.


ONE that flies a F.L.A.G. of Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance, and Gratitude for all. 


ONE that becomes a nation always finding peaceful solutions, never military ones, for problems that arise.


ONE that becomes known throughout the world as a healer, a builder of dreams, an example to other countries of how to treat all its citizens with love and kindness.


ONE where every child has access to an equal education, no matter where he or she may be born.


ONE where everyone has healthy, organic food to eat, clear, pure water to drink, and we all take care of our earth instead of making decisions based on corporate or personal greed.


ONE where we treat all our animals with love, kindness, and respect, and let them all live out their lives naturally in health and peace.


ONE where everyone is prosperous and abundant.


ONE where everyone has access to quality wholistic health care, where the mind, body, and spirit are addressed.


ONE where there is no death penalty, but rather a focus on restorative justice, addiction rehabilitation, and healing the wounds of childhood.


People tell me it can't be done.  I know it can.


ONE lightworker offsets 70,000 still living in the dark.  We are reaching a tipping point, no matter what you think when you watch the drama of the 24/7 news cycle.


There are millions upon millions of us, here in America, and all around the world, just waiting for the opportunity to have our voices heard.


Here it is.  Again, welcome.


With Endless Love and Gratitude, Kathy                                   (next...)





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