"I will never attend an anti-war rally;

if you have a peace rally,

      invite me."       


                                           - Mother Teresa

Speaking war begets more war. Speaking peace begets more peace.


Just as we all need to keep our words positive and in present tense for healing to happen, our symbology is critical, too.


In thinking about a logo, I wanted something simple that a child could draw easily.  The design came through me very quickly, from Source.


It was first an outer circle, representing our EARTH.


Next, a huge heart inside, touching in three places, representing vast, endless LOVE... of Nature, of ourselves, and of all creatures that share our planet.


Then, a PEACE sign within bringing peace to all.


However, in speaking with my beloved friend Stacey Robyn, (Founder of Go Gratitude, Blooming Humans, and Heartfire Gateways), she pointed out that one of the reasons we still have no peace in the world is because the widely used peace symbol is actually upside down... and the inner visual is a crow's foot, an ancient symbol of death and despair! 


By turning it right side up, it becomes the TREE OF LIFE... and when I inserted it into the heart, it looked like a human with joyful, uplifted arms!  So I placed a circle above as the "head" of this person of ONE, which also looks like the sun giving LIGHT to us all for growth.


I wanted all the colors of the rainbow to be included, as this party focuses on equality for all, with no gender bias, no "class" distinction, and no religious affiliation.  The colors and open space also represent the five great Universal elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether.


This was all scribbled on a 5" scrap of paper.  I took a photo of it, scanned it, and emailed it to one of the great graphic artists on the planet, my friend Dan Koffman.  (www.goldenruleactivist.com, www.artwithasmile.com, www.themanandtheelephant.com)


He immediately "grokked" what I was doing, as he has been a social activist for love and peace for many years.  A few emails back and forth and voilà!  Our logo became beautiful and ready for entry into the world via Dan's incredible heArtistry.


I am forever grateful to Stacey and Dan for their wisdom, vision, time, talent, and heArt.


Our logo is a gift to the world.  Please use it wisely, always in a positive way.

Thank you, ALL of US


Kathy Ozzard Chism

Visionary Founder of the Love and Peace Party

P.S.  Another symbol we use in our activites... instead of the hand "peace" sign with two fingers up, which really is a symbol for victory in war, our sign is an outstretched hand with an open, upturned palm... signifying reaching out to another in peace from our hearts.







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